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One of the most important actions before requesting a Mortgage Credit is to simulate it, in order to know the available options and the scope of each one.

In the case of the Couples Mortgage Credit, it is vital to know its characteristics and leave aside the most common doubts. It is estimated that between 30% and 40% of current mortgage loans are of the “joint” type, that is, of the marriage. This is because, by joining the wages of the two members of the couple, it is easier to access more money.

Although most of these loans are for legally constituted (married) spouses, not all banks limit the alternatives, and allow informal unions and those linked by family ties to request a loan of this nature. Same-sex couples are also accepted. In any case, the marriage certificate, living together or having children in common is requested.


By comparing mortgage loans

mortgage loans

It is possible to know if it is possible to add the income of both parties, to know the total amount that can be financed. The requirements are usually the same as for a personal or individual loan. The two people are evaluated separately and together: commercial or labor references, certificates, etc. If one of you has a bad banking history, this subtracts points for approval.

When the Mortgage Credit is granted, both must sign the contract. It may also happen that the one with the highest income is recognized as accredited and the other as the co-accredited. Both will have the same responsibilities, rights and benefits, they are obliged to pay the loan as established and, when liquidating it, they will be the owners of the property.


There are several options for a Couple Mortgage Credit

There are several options for a Couple Mortgage Credit

Depending on the particular case. It is an attractive idea and, in many cases, the only one available to access your own home. In case of divorce, the payment will be subject to what the judge determines. We must not stop analyzing this option, an important commitment to make between two.

If you are looking for the best option to fulfill the dream of your own home, either alone or in pairs, go to Lite Finance. You can simulate and quote for free and without leaving your home your Mortgage Credit, in order to choose the most convenient alternative.

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