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It happens that a person takes out a loan from a bank and then they don’t pay monthly installments due to the prevailing circumstances or simply because of unwillingness to pay. In such situations, notifications from a financial institution can succeed one another without success.

The bank only goes so extreme in hopeless cases. Sometimes a visit to a financial institution and a conversation with a manager can delay another month. Negotiating much easier with the bank. They will meet with you, they can rewrite the payment schedule according to your wishes and explain what the non-payment of the loan threatens for the bank.

What is the risk of a mistake?


You can then extend the loan by one year, for example, and the amount of the monthly payment has been significantly reduced. The overwhelming majority of overdue loans are consumer loans, the emission of which has been simplified as much as possible. Before that, banks had not made any claims against minor debtors and had primarily sued legal entities. Now they are fighting for any overdue loan.

There is a clause 1 art in every contract. 819 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for the payment of the loan amount by the borrower. It states that the customer is liable to the bank with security. It also set out in detail what could happen if the loan was not paid. Paragraph 1 of art. 333 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation can help a person who is in a difficult situation to deal with fines and penalties.

Collection agencies


When the situation gets out of control, and the malicious misser simply does not respond to calls from the bank, he is visited by the collection agency staff and explains in a very cultural way how wrong a person is and how much trouble his irresponsibility brings.

The main penalties that can be expected in the case of nonpayment, which is recorded in the loan agreement, and it is worth reading this document carefully before you approve it. In the event of temporary difficulties for the primary debtor, the amount of the overdue installment can be paid by a third party who shows your passport to the bank employees.

So what threatens the failure to pay the loan? The very next day after you miss the due date, a penalty of 0.01% of the loan amount will be added to the total debt. The percentage seems ridiculous, but it’s worth thinking about how much it is calculated every day. It turns out that you have to pay a lot.

Bank rights

It is worth noting that the criminal liability defender does not threaten. However, you can lose your property, according to a judicial decision it is in the bank’s favor. If you have taken out a mortgage loan and have a debt burden of more than 60 days, the management of a financial institution has the right to put your apartment up for auction. The main amount will be used to repay the loan debt. Legal costs must also pay the debtor.

Collecting a company that holds a return Debt is given 50% of the amount by the bank, so financial interest forces the company to act very hard. You have to understand that the failure to pay a loan does not go unpunished – the consequences can be very unfortunate.

Pressure on the debtor

Pressure on the debtor

Under the law, collectors begin with an ordinary discussion about what to do if a loan is not paid. In addition, their actions become more aggressive. According to the law, a company that assumes the debt can go to court. The property of a person who does not pay the debt is described and auctioned at the lowest prices.

However, some collectors are avoiding judicial bureaucracy, starting to attack the debtor morally. Different methods are used: bored with calls, warnings, can report to work or all neighbors deal with stories about your debts.

Over a period of time loans issued on the basis of a simple application for a loan. No additional data was needed, but experience has shown that the bank needs to protect itself against the non-payment of loans. So that the majority of the funds did not get stuck in the air, management had to tighten the conditions for lending.


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